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Garage Door Service in West Haven, CT

A garage door system is a stylish, smart, and secure investment for your home. You are in good hands when you trust your garage door service and repair needs to our team at Garage Door Repair of West Haven, CT. We can help with insulated models that conserve energy and lower the cost to heat and cool your home.

We are proud to offer unmatched service. Give us a call!

Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

A garage door that is stuck or won’t close completely is a huge hassle. In some cases, the door only works half the time. If you are scratching your head trying to figure out the problem, we can help! In some cases, a small adjustment is all it takes to troubleshoot the problem on your own.

Certain things are easy to adjust while others are better left to a professional. Check these things first if you are faced with a door that has a mind of its own:

  • Are the rollers staying in the tracks?
  • Are tracks bent?
  • Have the eye sensors been damaged or knocked out of alignment?
  • Is the door making a loud noise as if it is struggling to open or close?
  • Is the weather seal at the bottom damaged or missing?

We work with belt drive, chain drive, or screw drive openers. We can help restore your door to the fast, quiet action of a like-new system. If you discover any of the above issues, call us and let us help!

Regular Maintenance Is Essential!

Our emergency service is one of our calling cards. But we also want to encourage our customers to take full advantage of our routine maintenance and repair options. Scheduling a routine maintenance service is key to avoiding those crisis scenarios. A yearly tune-up is an excellent choice to keep your system in top shape.

Rollers, springs, and other moving parts require regular lubrication. This can be done during a regular tuneup. Some openers work with a chain assembly that also has to be lubricated. Our techs will inspect for loose nuts or bolts and make needed adjustments. 

Why Have Garage Door Service Regularly?

One of the best ways to protect your home investment is a consistent maintenance service. Don’t wait until you notice a problem! Many of our customers select the spring or fall season to schedule their tuneup.

During an annual check, a technician will inspect for tension springs that need adjustments. You might be able to save money by replacing hardware instead of having to purchase a whole new part or unit! Ask our tech about other accessories if you’ve been thinking about an upgrade.

From mechanical to electrical issues, we can help! The important thing is to stay on top of regular maintenance so that your door runs like new.

Call Now For Fast, Professional Service!

Our friendly professional team at Garage Door Repair of West Haven, CT is here to help with all of your garage door repair needs. We are happy to provide same day service because we know how important it is to have a functioning garage door. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call us to book an appointment today!


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